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Food at CaravanTurkey Cultural Center

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Turkish cuisine has rich flavours, wonderful smells and colours. The food at Gokpinar is traditional Turkish, made with fresh, locally-sourced organic produce and cooked in our wood-fired stove, on the terrace barbecue or pizza oven. It will delight your tastebuds and feed your body and soul. One of the most enjoyable aspects of any foreign travel is learning about the culture through its food. In Turkey that includes snacks and cay (delicious, traditional Turkish tea) at any time of day.It includes bread made daily, yoghurt, village butter and cheese, homemade jams, and naturally dark honey, flavoured by the heavily scented pine woods that cover the mountainside and collected by villagers from bee boxes they keep on the land surrounding land.

The garden provides our guests with organic vegetables year round. Some of them choose to relax by gardening with us! Pick your own fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, corn, peas, beans, squash, melons and other fruit. We have several kinds of fruit trees, and watermelon is a refreshing treat for us all summer!

There will be no hamburgers or fast food during your stay at Gokpinar. But there will be plenty of fresh fish, chicken, beef and lamb slow cooked on the barbecue or on stove the Turkish way! Vegetarians are not the only happy ones here!

You will see olive groves all over the Aegean coast and olive trees are the main source of income in Gokpinar village.  Every October, we harvest the olives and, using traditional methods, make pure, delicious olive oil. Green olives are also prepared here for eating.

Gokpinar does not produce its own wine, but there are plenty of nice regional wines available from nearby Aegean villages. And when you are in Turkey you must try Raki, our anise-flavored liquor that will give you another taste of our culture.

Turkish culture is thousands of years old. It has been the crossroads for many of history's most exotic, powerful and wealthy civilisations. Here, that history mixes with the culture of our nomadic ancestors and the result is a unique, fascinating holiday. An unforgettable experience awaits you.
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